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this moment brought to you by eczema.

Feb. 22nd, 2009 | 10:21 pm
posted by: thhiiiefff in wegoforthelulz

I have eczema. It's mostly on my hands and arms. Every once in a while I have a particularly bad flare-up, which makes my skin red, irritated, and often causes me to bleed or pus. Between flare-ups my skin is mostly normal-looking, sometimes dry, and during a normal flare-up my skin just gets red and irritated and starts to peel. Which makes for a great conversation starter. Last week someone in my history class asked me,

"Um, excuse me, are you a burn victim?"

I laughed so hard I had to briefly excuse myself from class.

And a few days ago, a guy in my sociology class asked,

"Excuse me, but, what's wrong with your skin?"

I told him I'd been reanimated.

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(no subject)

Nov. 3rd, 2008 | 09:30 pm
posted by: thhiiiefff in wegoforthelulz

History Professor: "Please everyone vote tomorrow.. the next time I see you guys, we'll have a new president!"

Random kid: "--Maybe."

Entire class: ::snorts and other stifled laughter::

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Old lulz.

May. 13th, 2008 | 10:52 pm
music: Joseph Arthur-- Honey and the Moon
posted by: thhiiiefff in wegoforthelulz


"God started in the middle ages." -Girl, ESF.

Girl: "Can we watch Seinfeld in this class?"
Ms. Como: "Oh, yes! The episode where George saves the whale is kind of ESF-ish."

"Is caffeine in Coke [the soda]?" -Ms. Como


For the record, we did watch Seinfeld. I skipped that class.

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(no subject)

Apr. 17th, 2008 | 04:11 pm
music: new pornographers
posted by: saturdaynight in wegoforthelulz

Before I forget again:

"Barack Osama? That's not his name? I always get so confused." -Ms. Como
I'm hoping my she won't be voting this time around. Although I'm sure her write-in ballot would be hilarious.

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Marathon, ROUND TWO.

Apr. 17th, 2008 | 03:42 pm
music: menomena
posted by: saturdaynight in wegoforthelulz

Boy: "Where's Cuba?"
Teacher: "Between Florida and Mexico."
Boy: "No way, that's Korea. I want to know where CUBA is."
Teacher: "That IS Cuba."
Boy: "No it isn't! Because Cuba is near Germany!"
Girl: "No, Cuba is right near Mexico."
Boy: "But Mexico is close to Australia though, right?"
All: [recoil in horror]
Boy: "... Germany isn't in Australia?"
-From Spanish class.
It's like the only globe he's ever seen was broken and then reassembled by a blind otter. D:

Teacher: "Do you know who gets struck by lightning the most often?"
Boy: "Racists!"
Teacher: "... Golfers."
-From Science class
I have to say, I liked his answer better.

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Mar. 11th, 2008 | 11:29 pm
music: The Who-- Amazing Journey
posted by: thhiiiefff in wegoforthelulz

I also wanted to add this.
Girl: "So are you, like, a vegetarian or something?"
Me: "Yeah.. I try to stay away from dairy too.."
Girl: "So do you not believe in eating meat or something?"
Me: "Yeah, I don't think that it's.. right."
Girl: "But, if everyone in the world was a vegetarian, cows and pigs and chickens would have no use.. what would we do with them?"
Call me crazy but I think it would just be a darn good idea to keep them around for the simple pleasure of their company. THE ONLY LOGICAL THING TO DO WITH ANIMALS IS DRINK WHATEVER COMES OUT OF THEIR PINK DANGLY THINGS AND EAT THEIR FLESH AND WHATEVER COMES OUT OF THEIR BUTTS. OF COURSE. CANNOT BE FRIENDS.
Saddest day for omnivores..

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and I lawled and lawled.

Mar. 11th, 2008 | 11:13 pm
music: Cake-- Pretty Pink Ribbon
posted by: thhiiiefff in wegoforthelulz

ESF foolishness from monday was abundant, however, being overtired from the play I had neither the energy nor the will to take note.
However, I did remember one quote..
Here is the deal: A boy had just read an article saying that we were entering a global cooling period and that global warming was a hoax [it was very blatantly right-wing]. He showed us a chart from the article, displaying temperatures or something. A girl began to babble about Al Gore and his charts in An Inconvenient Truth which apparently did not mirror this chart.
"But, Al Gore's charts were totally different. And they were showing the same information. How is that possible?!?! Someone must be lying.."
If it were only possible to fool with the axis on a chart to make them appear different! WHEN OH WHEN WILL HUMANS HAVE THE ABILITY TO CREATE FALSE ILLUSIONS BY TOYING WITH NUMBERS?!? OH LAWD.
Now I am going to bed forever and ever until 7AM.

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A steaming pile of hot fresh ESF dumb.

Mar. 6th, 2008 | 10:04 pm
mood: amused amused
music: Dave Matthews Band-- Lie in our Graves
posted by: thhiiiefff in wegoforthelulz

"The article said not to let your kids eat snow.. because even if it looks clean.. there's still bacteria in it!" -Ms. Como.
See also: your skin.
See also: the food you eat.

"I feel like doctors just don't know what something is and call it cancer!" -Girl from ESF

"I don't even know if any of this stuff is true.. I just read it and then write about it." -Girl from ESF while talking about her research paper
Way to go, researching and stuff.

"You know when you hear those facts like uh.. like how people eat 8 spiders in their sleep.. how do they know that?" -Girl from ESF

This one's not dumb [or at least, it's not in the same vein,] it just struck me funny: "spiders-eatin'" -Boy from ESF

"I can't believe that monopolies could ever happen!" -Ms. Como

"what is Income Tax?" -Girl from ESF

"We have that much [$2.1 trillion]money in the pentagon!?" -Ms. COmo

"Everyone's part of secret societies.. Illuminati, Free Masons.. except Bill Clinton." -Boy from ESF

"Isn't Illuminati Catholic?" -Ms. Como

Boy: "IBM supported the nazis"
Ms. Como: "Oh, so that's why a lot of Jews drive Cadillacs!"

"We're gonna, like, have a war between ourselves!" -Girl from ESF
Omg, like a civil war? How unheard of!

"How does the world work? It's just too complicated!!" -Girl from ESF

"Canada is such a chill place." -Boy from ESF

"What happened to the Jews was really bad.. they needed to have a homeland, I think." -Ms. Como
A little unsure about that, aren't we?

"If we were financing it.. how did our military get in there and stop it?!" -Girl from ESF

The shadow government was starting to control the real government, and then BAM! Kennedy was assassinated." -Boy from ESF

"I wish I didn't know all of this! I wish I just lived in a bubble!" -Girl from ESF

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From Marathon, with love.

Mar. 6th, 2008 | 08:31 pm
music: modest mouse
posted by: saturdaynight in wegoforthelulz

Me: "I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat meat."
Boy: "What about bacon?"
Me: "Uh. That's meat. From a pig."
Boy: "What about pizza? Oh god. You can't eat pizza either, can you?!"
-Conversation from Spanish

"But France is part of Africa, right?" -Boy from history

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ESF dumb first, because holy hell is there enough of it.

Mar. 6th, 2008 | 05:07 pm
mood: amused amused
music: jump, little children
posted by: saturdaynight in wegoforthelulz

"The whole east coast of Florida lost power and all these people were stuck in office buildings because the elevators didn't work!" -Mrs. Como
All those knee replacements have rendered Floridian stairs obsolete, apparently.

"I don't know what it means but they say that 22% of land in South American countries belongs to indigenous people... I don't see what that has to do with natives." -Girl from ESF

"Do cows eat grass?" -Mrs. Como
I feel like I should point out that a teacher said this. A teacher who's teaching a college level course.

"Private schools really aren't any better. My sister had to write an essay for her class about how the weapons they used during the Civil War affected the outcome. It's so stupid, that didn't have anything to do with it." -Girl from ESF
Except that the North had factories for making weapons and the South had a fuckload of... cotton.

"It's just like evolution, you know, with the ape turning into the human."
"And like how the finches grew bigger beaks because they couldn't eat the nuts."
-Conversation in ESF
Totally how evolution went down, kids.

"I was driving home and there were these three deers in a field; I was so scared!" -Mrs. Como
Yes. She said deers with an s. But that's really the least of her problems.

"I heard that they went up to the North Pole and drilled this giant cave in the ice and they're taking two seeds, a male and a female, from every kind of tree so in two hundred years when our farm land is fucked that's how we'll survive." -Girl from ESF
Unless the icecaps melt before then. Or... there are more people than the trees can support. Hurrr.

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